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AWANA Clubs Registration for 2017-2018



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Are you a member of Maysville Baptist Church?*

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Note, your child must be the appropriate age on or before September 1.

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Has your child attended an Awana Club before?

Is your child a member of any church or Sunday School?

Has your child made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ?

Please list an Emergency Contact and their phone number below.

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Is child allergic to tetanus shot?

Does your child have any medical alerts or allergies?*

I, hereby, give permission for the child named above to participate in Awana Clubs at Maysville Baptist Church.  I, the legal guardian of the above mentioned child, do hereby give permission to render emergency medical and or surgical treatment as may be necessary by this hospital/doctor facilty.  I also accept full responsibility for medical expenses which are incurred for my child during Awana Clubs.  Please note, in an event of an emergency we will contact the number that you provide as an emergency contact. 

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