Hurricane Harvey Relief

Ways You Can Help


  • PRAY

    One of the most important things we can do for those affected by Hurricane Harvey is to pray.

    PRAY – Pray for the victims of Harvey. Many have been displaced from their homes. Some have permanently lost jobs.

    PRAY -- Pray for the churches. Some have been destroyed. Others are damaged.

    PRAY – Pray for Disaster Relief efforts and the many volunteers --  for their health, their stamina, and their service.

    PRAY – Pray for opportunities for those ministering during disaster relief clean up to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ask God to send laborers (Matthew 9:35) and to give the recipients of the gospel ears to hear, eyes to see, a heart to believe, and a will to respond!

  • Donate Buckets of Care
    • Buckets of Care are 5 gallon buckets that contain essential items and first aid for homeowners and others that are performing “mud-outs”, cleaning out homes following flooding. All you need to do is purchase items from the list below and bring the bucket to the church no later than September 20.  These buckets will then go to the Georgia Baptist Convention Disaster Relief agency so that they can be delivered to the front lines of disaster relief. 

      Buckets of Care Supply List

      Safety Equipment 
      6 pair – exam gloves (hypoallergenic) 
      2 pair – leather gloves 
      2 pair – safety goggles 
      4 – dust masks

      1 – 5 gallon bucket with lid
      1 – utility knife with extra blades
      1 – chalk line with chalk 
      6 – Teri cloth rags 
      1 – flashlight and 6 batteries 
      1 – 6’ or 12’ measuring tape 
      1 – twist nozzle for a garden hose

      First Aid 
      1 – bottle Anti-Bacterial hand wash 
      1 – bottle Hydrogen peroxide 
      1 – bottle Alcohol 
      1 – antibiotic cream 
      1 – box Band aides

      Place all of the above into a 5-gallon bucket and close with lid and return to church.