FAITH Evangelism

Do you want to be able to talk to someone about the Lord, but just don't think you have the ability or courage to do it?  Then FAITH is just what you need.  FAITH is a 16 week training class designed to disciple you to effectively share the gospel by communicating five simple truths to anyone at anytime.  

There are three parts of the FAITH class.  First there is classroom training that lasts approximately 45 minutes.  You will learn the five basic truths in the FAITH visit outline. Second you will make visits to prospects who have visited the church and present the Gospel to those who need and express and interest in hearing.  Visits are made by teams of three people, one Team Leader and two learners.  You can see the Gospel presented and as you learn, have an opportunity to present the outline outline yourself.  Finally after returning to the church we report the results during celebration time.  At the end of the 16 weeks you will be equipped to share the Gospel with others, give unsaved people an opportunity to accept Christ and provide nurturing visits to church members.

FAITH meets each week on Monday beginning at 5:30 PM for a light meal.

To learn more about FAITH or to sign up for the next session of FAITH email or call the church office at 706-652-2228.